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Tina Ramos Ekongo



      Equatorial Guinean - Spanish figurative visual artist and illustrator who lives and works in England. Regarding my work, it is mainly portraiture and is very influenced by the African traditional  murals on health campaigns and the artwork  found in African barbershops and hair saloons. My style and technique is influenced by the artist Cheri Samba while the feminist approach is inspired by the work of the surrealist Mexican artist Frida Khalo and the courage of every single black woman who fight barriers for equality and representation, some of them are part of my work.The use of cardboard as the principal medium to develop my work serves as a juxtaposition  on the undervalue of black women in Western societies and their real value as pillars of their  communities and force of change. Through painting them on cardboard, I give a new value and new life to a disposable material and highlights the exquisite beauty of the black woman in her different shades. 

Sisalto III

Acrylic on Cardboard

$878 USD

Alt Text:  Silvia and Alina. Ten years
between them, both intelligent and self-made African women, both full of
pride. Silvia takes life serious look like the bigger sister and Alina love
her freedom, she is louder than life, funny.

Sisalto I

Acrylic on Cardboard

$785 USD

Alt Text:  Lorena (right) 4 years old and
Agus. (left) 6 years old. They love when their mother dress them like
twins, they behave like twins, they do everything together and they
cannot be separated. They can't stand being apart.

About Tina Ramos Ekongo

Tina Ramos Ekongo is an Equatorial Guinean painter and illustrator who lives and works in Sheffield, England. She was born in 1987. She obtained her bachelor degree in Fashion Design in 2010 from Escuela Superior de Disenyo (School of Design) in Valencia, Spain, previously in 2008she studied Art and Craft in Escuela de Artes de  (School of art)  in Zaragoza, Spain. Subsequently she attended the Post-Graduate program in International Marketing at the Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield, England in 2015. For the Masters Dissertation she developed a research study on the possibility of a Personal Branding based in the Impression Management to help Spanish Visual Artists to promote themselves in the competitive International Art scene.Tina Ramos Ekongo's work is mainly tribal and vibrant and explores her African heritage, the main character of her work is the African women from the continent and the diaspora. She is also a portrait painter and an illustrator, who experiments  with different media, from acrylic, oil to watercolour, she is a figurative visual artist.  

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