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Taylor Stone, نسیم


مادر و بچه Madar-o Bache, 2020

Mother and Child

Linocut Print

     Storytelling in the form of folklore, personal experience and metaphor is an important aspect of my visual arts practice. In particular, I am fascinated by snapshots of stories: what that captured moment reveals about the overall story and how we make sense of it. I am not sure any of us ever have the full picture of ourselves, and how we reconcile those pieces motivates me to be a storyteller.
     Similar to oral tradition, each print is consistent, but also original in and of itself. The stories can be carried and left in any place: printed on nearly any format. Having the ability to print an illustration numerous times also allows a
broader audience access to the artform by lower the economic cost. These details to the medium are a fitting parallel to telling stories, and that is why I am committed to continue developing my skills as a printmaker and storyteller.
     مادر و بچه (madar-o bache), translated in English as “mother and child,” is a moment of delight between a mother and daughter. These individuals are from among the Bakhtiari nomads in Iran, the land of my ancestors. They have remained in the land for thousands of years, continuing their cultural inheritance, and finding ways for their voices to be heard, passing down
stories from another time.


Alt Text:  Black and white linocut print on natural kitakata paper. Image depicting a mother holding her child, individuals from the Bakhtiari nomads in Iran.  A black and white print of a delighted mother holding her child as they face each other. Their position is viewed at about a three quarter turn, both wearing volumes of patterned clothing and head-coverings. The image rounds off at the bottom in folds of clothes at an obscured position of the body.

About Taylor Stone, نسیم

She is an artist specializing in traditional illustration and relief printmaking. In
2021, she received her Bachelor’s of Science in Art Practice from Portland State University. Stone plans to continue her graphite and printmaking series, Through the Woods . During this time as a post-graduate, she will pursue her contemporary art research and art practice regarding the Persian (Farsi) language and culture at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

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