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Sara Morales-Morgan

Delicate Dependency

Porcelain with underglaze, glaze, paint and varnish



20% of the sale price will go to Planned Parenthood


My artwork explores my notions of identity and home through the creation of illustrated ceramic sculptures. Using female figures, iconography, and domestic scenery, I present personal themes of femininity, memory, and mental health to discuss what are ultimately universal experiences.  I draw inspiration from historical portraiture for my figure's forms, clothing, and some imagery. Themes like longing, love, fragility, strength, and family have been depicted in art throughout history.  Although we often feel isolated in our experiences, looking at women from the past helps me to see that I am not alone and to feel a sense of validation. I hope others can connect to my work in similar ways.

"Delicate Dependency" is a porcelain sculpture of a woman with a cascade of white flowers climbing up her dress and torso to wrap around her eyes. Although blinded, she has a far-off look of bliss. The cascade consists of flowers that each symbolize a positive emotion associated with marriage. A domestic scene is illustrated on her dress, rife with symbolism suggesting complacency and time.  This piece is about the delicate dependency that is my marriage. My husband and I have both struggled with depression and anxiety for many years. In our relationship, we take turns leaning on each other when the load becomes too heavy for one or the other, so we have become dependent on each other in many ways. While beautiful, positive, and often necessary for us, dependency is a delicate situation that can easily lead to complacency and helplessness. This piece is about that balance.

Mental health is an important issue that is often minimized or ignored. In recent years, we have seen an emerging push to break the silence and end the stigmas associated with it. By opening up the conversation and discussing our struggles, we can see and learn from our similarities and begin to heal.


 Sara E. Morales-Morgan is an artist from San Jose, California, and Hartselle, Alabama, currently located in Baltimore, Maryland. Her artwork explores her notions of identity and home through the creation of illustrated ceramic sculptures.  She earned her Master's degree in Ceramics from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and her Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from the University of South Alabama. She has exhibited her work in over 50 exhibitions nationally; most notably in the 2017 Zanesville Prize for Contemporary Ceramics, the Archie Bray Foundation's "Beyond the Brickyard" exhibition, the annual National Conference for the Education of Ceramic Arts; and at the Dairy Barn Arts Center’s "OH+5: Ohio Border Biennial” exhibition, where she won “Best in Show.” Her work has been published in Ceramics Monthly and in 500 Figures in Clay Volume 2 by LARK Books. She has been a resident artist at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts' "Pentaculum," at the Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts as a Kiln God Award recipient, and at Baltimore Clayworks as the 2016 - 2017 Lormina Salter Fellow.

insta: @saraemor

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