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Rae Stern

PUSH DOWN AND TURN (little blue spill)

Slipcast stoneware, stains, glazes



A portion of the sale price will go to International Women’s Health Coalition & We Are Not Invisible


I strive to serve as a witness, documenting elusive human phenomenon. By emulating the anonymous makers throughout history, I produce objects that can serve as evidence of personal and global experiences of this era. I focus my attention on ambiguous situations as I try to reveal the idiosyncrasies in contemporary human existence.

The rich historical continuum of material culture and functional objects serves as a canvas for my work. The contemporary aesthetic is used in my art as intentional reference to the overly processed digital and industrial environment. A piece can emerge from either a concept or an intriguing technology. I first immerse myself in research, and as a theme arises from the data I attach it with the appropriate form. The choice of fabrication method for each piece is often allegorical and at times I combine traditional with industrial techniques. Imagery is often used as bait, luring the viewer with an illusion of familiarity, only to be later exposed as an illusion.

The Push Down and Turn series is a new body of work addressing the disparities and risks posed by the healthcare system and pharmaceutical industries. One striking example of the systematic gender-bias is that researchers conduct five times as many studies into Erectile Dysfunction as Premenstrual Syndrome, despite the fact that less than 25% of men suffer from the former and over 75% of women experience symptoms of the latter. In the piece (little blue spill), a medicine bottle has been tipped over and is overflowing. Near it stands untouched a seemingly solid bottle. It is in fact glazed from within with a different type of glaze which remains unseen to the beholder.


Rae'ut Stern is an Israeli-American designer, artist and researcher, currently residing in New York City. Stern holds a master’s degree in Design from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, as well as an undergraduate dual degree in Psychology and Communications from the Tel Aviv University. Stern has also attended residenceies at Anderson Ranch, CO, Penland School of Craft, NC and the Garrison Institute.

As a multimedia artist Stern works in ceramics, photography, paper and textile. Over a decade of experience working in the high-tech industry has influenced Stern’s art and her interest in the social and cultural effects of technology. As adjunct professor at the Bezalel Academy, Stern lead research teams and taught undergraduate students. in 2011 her work on design-research initiatives received support from UNESCO with a research fellowship at the National Gallery of Art and the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Since 2009, Stern has been collaborating with Aya Margulis at their project based studio - Doda Design. Work by Doda Design has been exhibited across the US, Canada, Spain and Israel.

insta: @raestern and @dodadesignstudio

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