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Forums, #metoo, and #unfollowtortus

We had some plans for our next project, and this one was on the back burner, but sometimes the world says otherwise. If you've been on instagram between July 29-30 2018 you've probably watched the saga of #unfollowtortus unroll. TL;DR, two young women have come out (one publicly, one privately) with stories of sexual harassment by the insta-famous self-described "sensual potter." Several studios have also come out with tales of an egomaniac who tried to stiff them on payments due for rental, and he followed the entire saga up with a now-deleted post calling the stories fake, blaming the victims, and otherwise being the definition of gaslighting.

We'd thought We Aren't Invisible would start a ceramics #metoo movement during the 2019 NCECA conference, but instead it came to us. This isn't surprising, since this is a well-known but unspoken issue in the field. It's time TODAY, not tomorrow, to speak out. That's why we now have a forum. Join us. Share your stories. If you want to remain anonymous, we can make that happen.

#timesup clay world. we're going to start to #believewomen

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