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Marly Joseph Desir


Marly Joseph Desir prefers thematic art but make also self-expression. His usual themes are climate change, environmental protection, ecosystem recovery, water conservation, biodiversity women, landscape, flowers ... He is convinced that there is enough ugliness in the world; he prefers to capture beauty, elegance, and grace. The artist favors is acrylic on Canvas likes to achieve smooth surface. His palette varies from cool subdued tones to the whole range of bright tropical colors.

2020 Protest

Acrylic on canvas

Alt Text:  Bold, textured, tangible painting strokes make up this abstract piece.  There three eyes, one taking up the middle of the canvas. Below the colorful, large eye is a red checkered pattern.  Above the largest eye is a smaller eye and small dark vertical lines.  The majority of this painting is green, light green, and yellow with a splash of red in the center.

$1200 USD

About Marly Joseph Desir

Marly Joseph Desir shows from a very young age a real artistic aptitude. His father, sensitive to art and Professor of Literature, frequently takes him to visit the museums and encourages him to develop his talents. Desir is known in the art world for his original style, his ability to create, and his aesthetic sense. He studied at the Miami Dade College. Paintings by Desir is to express what is beautiful to dazzle the lovers of art.

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