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Mac McCusker

Transition PENDING

Red earthenware, cone 5, sculpted and hollowed



A portion of the sale price will go to Trans Lifeline


The content of my work regularly involves social commentary. I use humor to create pieces about experiences with sexuality and gender. As a transgender artist and activist, I create work that will inform and educate. I am using sculpture to document my own experiences and struggles.

I embrace topics in our society that make people uncomfortable. Making a collection of Transgender Action Figures became a way for me to get comfortable talking about myself and transgender issues. The current dialogue in the media regarding gender, bathroom bills, and laws that threaten protections of the entire LGBTQ community fuels my attention to this content.

I usually build the figures in my work from a solid piece of clay. When the clay is leather hard the figure is cut apart, hollowed, then carefully put back together before the details are added.  I use underglazes and low-fire glazes performing multiple firings to get the desired result.

The figures and sculptures created are role models that so many of us are looking for but cannot find in our current society. I am actively seeking my own story and the history of other transgender individuals. I put myself and experiences in the spotlight despite my discomfort to record my personal transition using clay as media.


Mac McCusker has an MFA in Ceramics from Georgia State University and has taught at the college level at several universities in Georgia. Mac just completed a resident artist position at Odyssey Clayworks in Asheville, NC and is now a resident artist at Shane Mickey Pottery in Bakersville, NC. Mac’s work has been exhibited across the United States.

insta: @mac_art_ceramics

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