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Linda Ge


B-mix stoneware, graphite, oil paint



A portion of sales price goes to Planned Parenthood


I have always, in some way, addressed the human body in my work. Be it blatant representations of flesh and bone, or tangible re-imaginings of emotional turmoil, I find the body to be a generous terrain for inspiration and information.

My most-recent works have been an exploration of the complex relationship I have with my biology – the female biology. Much like how the female reproductive organs go through ever- fluctuating cycles, so too do the sentiments towards my body transform. This constant ebb and flow – the perplexing need to simultaneously tear apart and fiercely protect the foundations of my biology – is what drives me to create abstracted manifestations of myself. Through a series of processes that involve extracting, deconstructing, and rebuilding, I aim to regain some semblance of control over my body.

I feel that especially in our current socio-political times, it is crucial to shed light upon the female biology and subsequent health(care)-related issues that are too-often overlooked or dismissed. I recognize my experiences as a cisgender female limits my perception of what countless other women or people with female biology may face in their own lives. But however, one may choose to identify, I can only hope that the objects I make and the ideas I convey will be able to reach someone enduring similar struggles. I can only hope that my dialogue will further strengthen the innumerable voices who continue to persevere and refuse to be silenced.


Linda Ge was born in Fort Collins, Colorado but has lived most of her life in Iowa. She received her BFA in Drawing and Painting from the University of Iowa in 2012, with an Honors Emphasis in Ceramics. From 2014 to 2016, she pursued her Ceramics Post-Baccalaureate studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. She is currently a resident artist at the Iowa Ceramics Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


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