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Jenna Fox


Exploring trauma, women and family connections, control and the domestic are central to the work I make; in relation to universal debates on feminism, home, gender and identity. Expectations of the role of women and the pressures of juggling and keeping life and soul together are ongoing themes. The burden has fallen back to women with covid, seeing an increase in domestic violence and 40,000 addition calls to the Domestic Abuse hotline - and all the while women are taking the brunt of home schooling, working, feeding the dog and looking like a goddess. I make sculptures, installations, photography and performance pieces which are the external manifestations of these debates. I work on a number of different bodies of work at the same time, thereby allowing the intertwining conversations to influence my work. Often kitsch, tongue in cheek and playful the work sticks it’s tongue out at life’s hardships and as a coping mechanism

Living with Trauma I


Living with Trauma II

$140 USD

$140 USD


Alt Text:  Carrying the weight and silent burden by creating a huge sculpture of a question mark from recycled wood and beer cans which weighed 28 kg an carry it with me for three days and nights. The three days was documented by 50 photos to show the silent burden in a physical form.  These two photos in particular show the burden carried in day-to-day activities.  Living with Trauma I depicts the person taking a shower with the burden filing up the space next to them.  In Living with Trauma II the person is sleeping in their bed and the burden is weighing them down and taking up bed space next to them.

About Jenna Fox

Work is currently on show at The War Horse Memorial, Royal Ascot and has been shown at The National Trust, The RSPB, Earley Station, Trowbridge Town Hall and The Crypt Gallery, London, on permanent display at South Western Rail, The Sculpture Park Farnham and Frimley Park Hospital. Co-editor of Haus-a-rest platform and Zine.

Curator at new_haus_gallery

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