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Grace Sheese

No More

Porcelain, decals and pine wood. wheel thrown, altered



A portion of the sale price will go to Planned Parenthood


This piece tells a story about those of us who have slowly lost our voice.  It is a reminder that no matter what happens, no one owns your voice but you, even when your voice is hidden deep, deep within you.


Grace was born in Taipei, Taiwan.  When she was almost eight, she boarded a plane with her sister and an unfamiliar family friend and came to the United States. She grew up in Maryland and Virginia in a very traditional Chinese houshold. Grace aspired to be a pediatrician when she grew up.  But somewhere along the way to adulthood, she met and fell in love with clay.  From teaching elementary school full time and making pots part time, to being a full time potter, to teaching ceramics to college students, Grace has had a long, complicated and constantly evolving relationship with clay.  Currently, she tries to sneak in studio time while teaching 4/5/6th grade at a project based alternative school during the day and teaching ceramics to undergraduates at Illinois Wesleyan University at night.

insta: @gracesheese

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