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Frances Bukovsky



I explore concepts of identity, family, and memory through the lived experience of chronic illness in my lens-based artistic practice. My work looks into my daily routines and intimate spaces to communicate the ways that health touches my life. Through exploring my own reality alongside disease, I create spaces for conversations around ability, health, and vulnerability as they relate to well-being and societal expectations of physical bodies. I use photography as a way to process intense emotional experiences and I utilize self-portraiture to analyze my own sense of self, often in relation to ideas of able bodiedness and gender roles.

Day 4 of 5 (Hospital Stay), 2020


18" x 12" 

$350 USD


Alt Text: A portrait of Frances sitting upright in a hospital bed wearing a blue hospital gown. She is a white, femme presenting individual with brown shoulderlength hair. Her face is flushed red with fever and the hospital bed table across her lap has a variety of miscellaneous objects, including a laptop, harddrive, cups, pencils, and wires. Her mother is walking blurred in the background.

24 Hour Observation (My Heart is Quickly Beating), 2020


18" x 12" 

$350 USD


Alt Text: A light skinned individual (Frances) is taking off their shirt, exposing leads to a cardiac monitor. They are in front of their doorless closet. In the foreground a black and white cat averts its eyes from where it sits on a blue bed.

Morning Antibiotics, 2020


8" x 10" 

$100 USD


Alt Text: Golden morning light filters across the dark frame, illuminating the light skinned fingertips of an individual holding a handful of pills, one white, and one vibrant blue. In their other hand is a mason jar filled with water. The image is cropped tight allowing no background to be seen.

About Frances Bukovsky

Frances Bukovsky is a lens based artist and photographer who was born in rural Upstate NY and currently lives in Port Salerno, FL. She earned a BFA with Honors in Photography and Imaging from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2018.

Identity, family, place, and memory are intrinsically linked to the experience of chronic illness in Bukovsky’s work where she pries apart daily routine and intimate spaces to explore her relationship to physical and mental health.

Bukovsky's debut monograph, Vessel, was published by Fifth Wheel Press in 2020. She currently acts as a part of the leadership team at Life at Six Feet, an online platform archiving and facilitating community based around photographers' experience during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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