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Megan Roethler Solo Show 2022:
The Pink House Wants Me Dead


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#CripClay is coming to NCECA 2023 in
Cincinnati March 12-18

*Panel Discussion with Amanda Barr, Carly Riegger, Victoria Walton, and
Dr Cecily Whitworth, PhD on accessibility in art spaces & academia
*Exhibition at Carl Solway Gallery & online. If you are interested in exhibiting, contact


Future Projects:

More shows: We want to provide more spaces for artists to show and audiences to learn from their stories. If you have a space, please contact us! Invitational and calls for entries are welcome. We are also happy to suggest jurors.

Field Guide for Diversity and Intersectionality: We have put together a team of editors to create a handbook full of guidelines, sample text, policies, best practices, vocabulary, testimonials from those with personal experience, and other helpful information for helping make our community a safe, positive, and diverse space for everyone. This project has been on hold due to the pandemic and other personal hurdles.
CripClay instagram alt text: black background with white lettering # Crip Clay, rainbow letters n c e c a 2023. the 0 is represented by a blue graphic of a person in a wheelchair.
Past Programming:

Silent Stories

Online Exhibition

NCECA 2018:

Concurrent Exhibition

Unspoken, Unseen, Invisible

The Art of Otherness
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