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Elyse Herrera


Self Portrait, 2021

Etching, acrylic, and Ink

Artist Statement:  I am interested in the duality of unspoken and visible relationships with others and within ones’ self. My work reflects a constant conflict of fixation and disassociation and is an exploration of their confluence. My work aims to cultivate an understanding of the uncomfortable in order to uncover comfort. Seeking a glimpse of total surrender to the discomfort, the work pushes the viewer through the chaos. I want to strip down the personality and recognize the habitual mundane. “Self Portrait” is a reflection of my habitual mundane living with bi polar disorder, and the separation of oneself through the diagnostic world.

Alt Text:  The image shows a segmented figure layered with lines and writing within a grunge textured rectangle. Writing on the top says “Feb. 2021” and arbitrarily throughout the piece there are x’s, a line of numbers, and a small grouping of numbers. The body parts shown are an arm, face, shoulder, stomach. And feet. The body parts are also arbitrarily places throughout the image and are placed from top to bottom as they would be on the body.

9 x 7"              $100 USD

About Elyse Herrera

Cleveland based printmaker, Elyse Herrera, specializes in intaglio and screen printing to depict moments of intimacy and voyeurism. In her practice, she focuses on the figure and relationship with the viewers. Being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, mental health influences the direction of many of her works. The act of creating is a reflection of a constant shift of mental state in a desperation to capture the ritualistic normalities of everyday life. Her illustrations are often crude as they draw from her experiences and own personal relationships. You can view more on her instagram @elyse_prints.

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