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Dawn Ferguson is currently a full-time functional potter and ceramics instructor living in Seattle, Washington. Dawn received her undergrad in business from Palm Beach Atlantic University and her graduate degree in art education from The University of Central Florida. Her professional experience includes instructing high school and college ceramics, leading ceramics workshops, and international educational travel while showing her own work nationally. Dawn was the 2015 recipient of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Outstanding K-12 Educator award and has led public art projects during her tenure as a Fine Arts Chair while teaching in Winter Park, Florida. Dawn is currently in transition after a move to Seattle, WA.

insta: @dawn_m_ferguson

Dawn Ferguson


Cone 6 porcelain, thrown, oxidation fired, underglaze, overglaze



A portion of sales price goes to We Are Not Invisible


My artwork is a reflection of my youth. The content is an expression of the beauty I found connected to the natural world. I spent years helping my mother in the garden, where I cultivated a love for growing things and grew for myself a world of my own; separate from fears that shouldn’t exist in childhood. I can disappear into the forest and it has become my escape where I lose myself in the soft turn of a flower’s petal. In the midst of battling unspoken demons I was able to find beauty in the new beginnings that each growing season brought. As an adult I draw strength from these memories. I look back and where one might see pain I find joy in the memory of a little girl digging in the soil. To plant a seed is to have hope for the future. My work is that hope and joy amplified.

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