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Carly Riegger

Guest Curator


Carly Riegger is from Ann Arbor, Michigan where she took a strong interest in ceramics in high school.  She attended Bowling Green State University and graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts Degree with a specialization in Ceramics.  One of her most vital experiences during her time at BGSU was traveling abroad to Florence, Italy for a semester at Studio Arts International College (SACI).  She was inspired to continue creating figures that explore internal body pain.  This experience developed into her BFA Thesis Exhibition, where she depicted her own chronic pain in small scenes using her ceramic dolls that incorporated fabric.  Carly is currently working on a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Ceramics at Indiana University Southeast.  Carly is dedicated to continuing her work advocating for people with disabilities as she moves forward in her ceramic art.

In my artwork, I aim to eliminate the invisibility of this huge part of my life.  With illness and changing circumstances all around us now, adaption, honesty, and humility are very important.  Health issues of all kinds are among us, visible or not, and my goal is to bring these silent struggles to life with my figures.  

Please check out my website if you're interested in my art.

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