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NCECA 2023
Concurrent Exhibition

March 15, 2023

Silent Stories was created with the intention to let those with marginalized identities speak about their experiences through art. This show is meant to be a collective work of many “silenced” voices in the art community. This show will promote and give voice to those stories, that no longer remain invisible.  This collection has turned into a worldwide voice for people with disabilities, people of color, and women.

This particular collection revolves around the figure, the body, and the work's relation to its maker and the pandemic world we all live in today.

Created, curated, and juried by Carly Riegger

Curated through the Zealous Platform

click on the artwork to see the artist, their statement, bio & links 

some work is still available for purchase, please contact us if interested!

Sara Alfieri               Stone Anderson                     Amanda Barr

Madeline Brodt            Annie Campbell          Kat Chudy 

Hayley Cranberry Small          Chris Drobnock             Allee Etheridge

Francisco Echo Eraso           Alexis Fagan         Charlie Fitz  

Tina Gebhart              Felicity Jacques                      Sarah Julig

Cyan Marie                 Heidi McKenzie                      Lindsay Miller

Kayla O'Riley              Yinka Orifidaya                       Cheri Owen

Finn Park                    Elizabeth Peña           Eva Polzer

Coco Raymond                       Carly Riegger              Katie Stone

Allium Sunshine                     Ze Treasure Troll        Zys West

Megan Whestine                   Sam Wickman            Bea Williamsen

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