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Akiko Jackson

Unsafe where I reside now: get out: do not come here 2016=2018

Ceramic, metal, gold leaf




Akiko Jackson is a visual artist with an emphasis on sculpture and installation. She uses affordable and discarded material such as ceramics, metal, clothes, and hair— specifically chosen to reference cultural memory, time, place, and body. Currently, she is concerned with an institutional critique of artist residencies she actively participates in. Continued research focusing on displacement, placement, and belonging, a thorough study of a city’s relationship to the arts, the actual artists, politics, and systemic structures are critically understood.


Braiding hair, tying knots, casting multiples, sewing and stitching, breaking and re-using, mending cracks, are some greater assertions of cultural identity and tradition preservation seen in her body of work. Her work is informed by the use of black and gold, connected to theories of otherness, Japanese aesthetic, kintsugi, and mottainai.


Akiko Jackson has been awarded residencies and fellowships at the Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, KS; Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, Newcastle, ME; Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA; and was a Louise Bourgeois Endowed Fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA. She was a Fellow at the Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT; and is currently a Visual Arts Fellow in the Tulsa Artist Fellowship in Tulsa, OK, a problematic place riddled with systemic injustices, prompted the title of her work, unsafe where I reside now : get out : do not come here, 2016-2018. She is scheduled to join the Roswell Artist in Residence (RAiR) Program in Roswell, New Mexico in the future.

Jackson has exhibited her work nationally and internationally, including the Wing Luke Museum of Asian Pacific American Experience in Seattle, WA; the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art in Virginia Beach, VA; the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Los Angeles, CA; the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Ana, CA; 1708 Gallery in Richmond, VA; the 4th World Ceramic Biennale Korea (CEBIKO) in Icheon Republic of Korea; and the Australian International Ceramics Triennale in Sydney, Australia.

insta: @akikojackson

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