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We Are Not Invisible was originally known as simply "(in)Visible," which was proposed as a Concurrent Exhibition to be presented at the 2018 conference for the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, curated by Amanda Barr. The original show is a group of 30+ femme and non-binary artists working in ways that express our need to be heard. We make art about gender, sexuality, culture, religion, race, oppression, class, mental illnesses, physical disability, motherhood, societal demands on women, politics, and more. Art is our voice.

(in)Visible has grown beyond a single show into a movement for support, solidarity, and visibility. We have an Instagram page, @wearentinvisible, that rotates hosts and themes, and seeks to highlight artists of all genders, genres, and ability, to bring awareness to the diversity of the world. We also have a Facebook page and are working on ways to expand and help give visibility to those who have too long been ignored.


Original statement:  As the 2016 election year has highlighted, deep currents of belief, experience, and culture divide our world. This exhibition seeks to highlight female and gender non-binary artists working in ceramics, who in some way feel “invisible” to the dominant culture. These artists represent struggles with physical and mental illnesses (commonly termed “invisible illnesses”), gender, sexuality, culture, religion, and race. For each of us, art is our voice and our way to make seen and heard what often goes unremarked upon.

Alexandra Jelleberg
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